2015 Schedules – V/JV/Fresh

2015 Schedules

Summer Assignments!

Parents please make sure your athlete is working on ALL of their summer assignments.  Many will have a reading assignment for English and MOST will have a math assignment.   Beginning the school year with a zero on a major assignment is not a good start.  The letter sent home about the math assignment is below.  This assignment is said to take 15 – 20 hours.  They need to at least attempt it.

Math Assignment Link


Bronco Apparel Website – Order by Oct 2

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link to website

If the link is not working for you the website is www.bsnsports.com/mts and the access code is bronco9TF.



Khari Lowe Signs Scholarship to Play for Howard University in DC

Khari Lowe

ZHS Head Coach David Brewerton


“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to join the Zachary community as their new head football coach. It is apparent that moving forward in a positive direction is of the utmost importance to the school system and community alike. It is a great opportunity for my family to get back closer to the greater Baton Rouge area as well as the chance to coach in a place that is committed to excellence,”

Go to http://www.zacharytoday.com/news-local-community-news-sports-high-school-sports-lifestyle-campus/zhs-names-new-football-coach for the full article.