Monday, March 17

Spring Workouts BEGIN!!

Meeting for 2014 BRONCOS!

There will be a mandatory meeting for all current football players and those interested in joining the team Thursday, March 6 at 5:00 p.m. in the Athletic Center.  This includes all current freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

Trey Leiva – WAFB Interview

Class of 2013 Tw-Sport Bronco is interviewed by WAFB Sports Director – Steve Schnieder.  Check out the video here:

Sports Scholars – Trey Leiva

Louisiana Football Magazine visits the Broncos

We got a visit today from Al Prieto of Louisiana Football Magazine.  He got the chance to share with our players all of the different things that LFM is able to do to promote our great student-athletes not just in Louisiana but to viewers in 6 states now. Each of our returning varsity players filled out questionnaires.  This information will be used to compile the magazine’s top players list and will also be distributed to college coaches around the country.

200 FEET


Brian Cain (one of the top sports “peak performance experts”) speaks to teams across the country at all levels.  He came and spoke to the ZHS Baseball program last winter and made a huge impact on them.  Coach Jesse Cassard invited me to sit in on some of the sessions.  I got many great ideas that day (and more from reading his book, Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks, and PRIDE).

One concept that is so important, especially in the strength and conditioning phase of our football program is “200 Feet.”  Cain explains that even if you embarked on cross-country trip at night, with no street lights to help, you could still make it safely by using your headlights.  How?  Just travel 200 feet at a time.  Generally speaking the headlights on a car will make the next 200 feet of road visible.

So while we have our destination set for the  Mercedes-Benz Superdome, that is not our focus.  We only want to focus on the next 200 Feet.

The last eight weeks of our program have been the most fun and exciting in our four years at ZHS.  Our players have made tremendous gains in all phases.  We have over 1/3 of our team with over a 3.0 GPA.  We have had fewer discipline issues in the school this winter than in years past.  Our players are eating better (still not good enough) and we are seeing steady body weight gains.  Finally, performance wise, our players on average increased their maxes in the three lifts by a combine 63-lbs.  That’s phenomenal!

We are moving into a new phase of our of-season conditioning.  We are now in full swing of after school work-outs with one more week of GUT CHECK .  One more week of that and we will beginning our plyometric and agility phase of after school training.  Our work-outs in FB PE will also change.

Let’s focus on the next 200 FEET and trust the Lord will have us exactly where he needs us in December!

God Bless & Go Broncos!

Coach Weiner


#BroncoStrong – Where are you on the list?

We have been working out for eight weeks now.  These are the results from our first Testing Week of the 2013.  On Monday we tested Power Cleans, on Tuesday it was Bench Press, and today it was Deep Squats (Below Parallel).

Check out the video:

Collins Winston 455
Myles Javonte 425
Wright Chris 405
Turner Terrell 405
Town Forrest 385
Perkins Lester 385
Wallace Darius 385
Hollins Kelton 365
Minor Terry 365
Wilkes Caleb 365
Jackson Stanley 365
Cunningham Grady 365
Turner Ronald 365
Brown Keon 360
Carr Timmy 360
Smith Jesse 360
Davis Brian 355
Lowe Khari 350
Roshto Payne 345
Kelly Dez 335
Keller Ramous 335
McKnight Roy 335
Perkins Sylvester 335
Sullivan Terry 335
Brooks Phillip 325
Blackburn Austin 325
Seymore Garland 325
Bell CJ 315
Masterson Jimmy 315
Nations Luke 315
Bowman Matthew 315
Ortego Brice 315
Thompson John 315
Townsel Quinton 315
Truax Cody 315
London Chris 315
Beardon Ty’wan 315
Davis Prince 315
White Rashawn 315
Beal Cartese 305
Durr Jared 305
Armwood Peter 305
Harris Phoenix 295
Miller Murphy 295
Alleman Michael 295
Davis Jarod 295
James Michael 295
Rogers Brikiece 295
Williams Montell 290
Gros Darion 280
Broussard Michael 280
Hamilton Marvin 280
Bradford Bryan 275
Carrier Chris 275
Jones Garrett 275
Rodriguez Toren 275
Serrett Kyle 275
Brown Darryl 275
Collier Braylon 275
Delatte Ben 275
Hawkins Jamarsay 275
Shelton Tyren 275
Fisher Kentrell 265
Henry DQ 265
Tate Kennan 265
Harris Kyleron 255
Guillot Chris 255
Aguillard Chandler 250
Banks Jaylon 250
Armwood Chris 245
Dunn Bryson 245
Haynes Corey 245
Haynes Keidrick 245
Moore Caesar 245
Smith Logan 245
McClinton Marjon 245
Chua Ray 245
Flowers Maurice 235
Brown Aaron 235
Green Jakiem 235
Jackson Trevor 235
Landreneau Kade 235
Wicker Payton 235
Survine Keshaun 225
Cantwell Jac 225
Lollis Christian 225
Peroyea Charles 215
Bertrand Coby 210
Davalcourt Herciel 185
Holcomb Ben 185
Raymond Jarius 135
Wright Chris 295
Town Forrest 275
Jackson Stanley 255
Roshto Payne 255
Perkins Lester 250
Wallace Darius 245
Perkins Sylvester 245
Carr Timmy 240
Collins Winston 235
Hollins Kelton 235
Minor Terry 235
Lowe Khari 235
Dunn Bryson 235
Bowman Matthew 235
Thompson John 235
Masterson Jimmy 225
Carrier Chris 225
Brown Keon 225
Davis Brian 225
Brooks Phillip 225
Beardon Ty’wan 225
Blackburn Austin 225
Davis Prince 225
Sullivan Terry 225
Myles Javonte 220
Smith Jesse 220
Kelly Dez 220
Armwood Peter 215
Hunter Jordan 210
Turner Terrell 210
Wilkes Caleb 205
Nations Luke 205
Beal Cartese 205
Harris Phoenix 205
Rodriguez Toren 205
Fisher Kentrell 205
Henry DQ 205
Truax Cody 205
London Chris 205
White Rashawn 205
Turner Ronald 205
Armwood Chris 195
Alleman Michael 195
Gros Darion 195
Bell CJ 185
Durr Jared 185
Miller Murphy 185
Haynes Corey 185
Survine Keshaun 185
Michelli Tony 185
Ortego Brice 185
Townsel Quinton 185
Davis Jarod 185
Brown Darryl 185
Keller Ramous 185
McKnight Roy 185
Guillot Chris 185
James Michael 185
Seymore Garland 185
Rogers Brikiece 185
Shelton Tyren 185
Cunningham Grady 180
Bradford Bryan 175
Jones Garrett 175
Haynes Keidrick 175
Moore Caesar 175
Flowers Maurice 175
Broussard Michael 175
Hamilton Marvin 175
Jackson Trevor 175
Tate Kennan 175
Williams Montell 170
Smith Logan 165
Aguillard Chandler 165
Banks Jaylon 165
Wicker Payton 165
Green Jakiem 165
Serrett Kyle 160
McClinton Marjon 160
Holcomb Ben 160
Landreneau Kade 155
Peroyea Charles 155
Hawkins Jamarsay 155
Brown Aaron 145
Davalcourt Herciel 145
Cantwell Jac 140
Bertrand Coby 135
Delatte Ben 130
Hilburn Ethan 125
Payne Haskin 125
Chua Ray 110
Lollis Christian 105
Collier Braylon 95
Town Forrest 280
Wright Chris 265
Perkins Sylvester 255
Jackson Stanley 245
Perkins Lester 245
Carr Timmy 245
Davis Jarod 245
Turner Terrell 245
Minor Terry 240
Hollins Kelton 235
Lowe Khari 235
Myles Javonte 235
Smith Jesse 235
Wilkes Caleb 230
Brooks Phillip 230
Collins Winston 225
Durr Jared 225
Thompson John 225
Kelly Dez 225
Beardon Ty’wan 225
White Rashawn 225
Roshto Payne 215
Wallace Darius 215
Bowman Matthew 215
Davis Brian 215
Armwood Peter 215
Brown Darryl 215
Keller Ramous 215
Nations Luke 210
Masterson Jimmy 205
Beal Cartese 205
Henry DQ 205
Blackburn Austin 205
Broussard Michael 205
Davis Prince 205
Sullivan Terry 205
Turner Ronald 205
Fisher Kentrell 200
Armwood Chris 195
Brown Keon 195
Truax Cody 195
McKnight Roy 195
Haynes Corey 190
Ortego Brice 190
Bradford Bryan 185
Jones Garrett 185
Moore Caesar 185
Hunter Jordan 185
London Chris 185
Williams Montell 185
Cunningham Grady 185
Hamilton Marvin 185
Dunn Bryson 180
Harris Phoenix 180
Banks Jaylon 180
Carrier Chris 175
Bell CJ 175
Miller Murphy 175
Alleman Michael 175
Gros Darion 175
Guillot Chris 175
Jackson Trevor 175
James Michael 175
Tate Kennan 175
Michelli Tony 170
Seymore Garland 165
Wicker Payton 165
Rodriguez Toren 160
Flowers Maurice 160
Aguillard Chandler 160
Bertrand Coby 160
Green Jakiem 160
Townsel Quinton 155
McClinton Marjon 155
Rogers Brikiece 155
Serrett Kyle 150
Landreneau Kade 150
Survine Keshaun 145
Smith Logan 145
Hilburn Ethan 145
Brown Aaron 145
Chua Ray 145
Haynes Keidrick 140
Cantwell Jac 140
Holcomb Ben 140
Payne Haskin 135
Peroyea Charles 135
Shelton Tyren 135
Delatte Ben 125
Davalcourt Herciel 125
Lollis Christian 115
Raymond Jarius 100
Collier Braylon 90
Wright Chris 965
Town Forrest 940
Collins Winston 915
Perkins Lester 880
Myles Javonte 880
Jackson Stanley 865
Turner Terrell 860
Carr Timmy 845
Wallace Darius 845
Minor Terry 840
Hollins Kelton 835
Perkins Sylvester 835
Lowe Khari 820
Smith Jesse 815
Roshto Payne 815
Wilkes Caleb 800
Davis Brian 795
Brooks Phillip 780
Kelly Dez 780
Brown Keon 780
Thompson John 775
Turner Ronald 775
Bowman Matthew 765
Sullivan Terry 765
Beardon Ty’wan 765
Blackburn Austin 755
Masterson Jimmy 745
Davis Prince 745
White Rashawn 745
Armwood Peter 735
Keller Ramous 735
Nations Luke 730
Cunningham Grady 730
Davis Jarod 725
Durr Jared 715
Beal Cartese 715
Truax Cody 715
McKnight Roy 715
London Chris 705
Ortego Brice 690
Harris Phoenix 680
Henry DQ 675
Carrier Chris 675
Bell CJ 675
Seymore Garland 675
Brown Darryl 675
Fisher Kentrell 670
Alleman Michael 665
Dunn Bryson 660
Broussard Michael 660
Miller Murphy 655
Townsel Quinton 655
James Michael 655
Gros Darion 650
Williams Montell 645
Rodriguez Toren 640
Hamilton Marvin 640
Armwood Chris 635
Bradford Bryan 635
Jones Garrett 635
Rogers Brikiece 635
Haynes Corey 620
Tate Kennan 615
Guillot Chris 615
Moore Caesar 605
Shelton Tyren 595
Banks Jaylon 595
Serrett Kyle 585
Hawkins Jamarsay 585
Jackson Trevor 585
Aguillard Chandler 575
Flowers Maurice 570
Wicker Payton 565
Haynes Keidrick 560
McClinton Marjon 560
Green Jakiem 560
Survine Keshaun 555
Smith Logan 555
Landreneau Kade 540
Delatte Ben 530
Brown Aaron 525
Cantwell Jac 505
Peroyea Charles 505
Bertrand Coby 505
Chua Ray 500
Holcomb Ben 485
Collier Braylon 460
Davalcourt Herciel 455
Lollis Christian 445
Hunter Jordan 395
Michelli Tony 355
Hilburn Ethan 270
Payne Haskin 260
Harris Kyleron 255
Raymond Jarius 235

The Advocate’s 2012 All-Metro Team

Congrats to Donald Gage and Chris Taylor!  As a side note…Coach Of The year, Dale Weiner, said none of this would be possible without the help of his extremely bright and good-looking son, Neil.

Bronco Players named to LFCA 2012 All-State Team

The Louisiana Football Coaches Association selected the Class 5A All-State Team this morning.

Congratulations to the these outstanding Zachary Broncos for being recognized:
1st Team:
Center – Grant VonRosenberg
Guard – Chris Taylor
Wide Receiver – Donald Gage
2nd Team:
Line Backer – Larry Cage
Kick Returner – Donald Gage
Honorable Mention:
Running Back – Boston Scott
We are very proud of these young men!

Leiva & Maxey Honored

Seniors Trey Leiva and Nicholas Maxey were honored during half-time of the Class 5A State Championship Game in the Louisiana Superdome.  Both Bronco Football Players were named to the LHSAA Academic All-State team.  Both Seniors maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout the high school careers while succeeding at a high level in athletics as well.



There Is No “Off-Season”

Coach Yellott and the members of the Zachary Broncos Football team have already been hard at work in the weight room.  Our coaches going back to the basics, by slowing down the intensity but increasing the focus and teaching part of our training.

Coach Robbie Yellott working with Forrest Town (super clarity from the iPhone 3G)

Week of 11/25

Monday – focus began on the Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk)

Tuesday – lots of teaching on Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat

Wednesday – back to the second Olympic Lift (Snatch)

Thursday – teaching the difference between the Dead Lift and the Romanian Dead Lift (R.D.L.)

Broncos Football Lifting

At ZHS our football team is divided between three PE classes where the main focus is strength and conditioning.   Our Varsity team is split up by Offensive and Defensive classes, and our third class is made up of Freshman players.


ZHS participates in the LHSPLA Regional and State Championships every year.  However, our strength and conditioning program emphasizes the Olympic Style lifts so much we also compete in the USA Weightlifting Sanctioned Louisiana Championships.

In 2011 Coach Yellott entered both a girls and boys team for the first time.  Both teams swept the championship honors and did so the following year (2012).  Coach Yellott was presented the Coach of the Year plaque by USA Olympic Legend Gayle “Goose” Hatch after each meet.

Games are won in the winter, spring, and summer

While there are winners and losers at the end of each game in the fall, our football program knows that you earn those victories while training out of season.  We work our hardest during the cold winter months, and carry that effort through Spring football practice, especially in the grueling hot summers of South Louisiana.